Banna Aloe Vera Oil (450 ml)

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Aloe Vera oil for massage and skin care

Banna  Aloe Vera  Oil 450 ml 

Aromatic oil with Aloe Vera extract for skin care, massage, sunburn and skin care after sunbathing.

Banna Aloe Vera Oil is suitable for body skin care, Aloe extract perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin and will help get rid of excessive dryness and flaking of the skin almost from the first time.

Banna Aloe Vera Oil can be used as a tanning oil, for skin care after sunbathing, and for treating sunburn.

Banna Aloe Vera oil volume 450 ml, plastic bottle with dispenser. Made in Thailand.

Aloe Vera oil composition: mineral oil, Aloe extract

We draw the attention of our customers that this product has a loose plug with a dispenser (under the factory film), and during delivery, oil may slightly leak.

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