Petroleum Cream cocoa butter

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Petroleum Cream cocoa butter 

Thai vaseline enriched with cocoa butter for skin care.

Vaseline with cocoa butter will soften dry, rough skin, protect it from cracking and chapping, and eliminate flaking.

Also, petroleum jelly with cocoa butter will relieve pain and eliminate redness from minor skin burns (sun or heat burn).

Thai Vaseline can be considered a versatile cosmetic, suitable for moisturizing and nourishing dry skin, for treating sunburn, for lip care, and for softening rough skin before pedicure.

The volume of Thai petroleum jelly is 40 grams, produced in Thailand.

There are two variants of Vaseline:

  • Vaseline with cocoa butter
  • Vaseline with olive oil

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Weight 0.06 kg

Cocoa butter, Olive oil


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