Banna Virgin Coconut oil 100% (100 ml)

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Banna Virgin Coconut oil 100%

Natural 100% unrefined cold pressed coconut oil for universal use from Thai manufacturer Banna.

Plastic bottle with dispenser, oil volume 100 ml.

It is very easy and pleasant to use coconut oil as a wonderful natural cosmetic product:

  • Face and body skin care – moisturizing, softening, nourishing and smoothing effect, used as a standalone product or as an additive in cosmetic masks;
  • Hair care – nutrition, restoration, making the hair shine;
  • Removal of makeup, including from the delicate skin around the eyes;
  • Treatment of scuffs, sunburn, diaper rash, cracks, irritations;
  • Protection of skin and hair from adverse environmental influences (sun, wind, frost);
  • Getting an even and beautiful tan;
  • A massage with coconut oil relaxes the muscles, calms the nerves, relieves fatigue, leaves the skin fresh and velvety.

On the bottle, the manufacturer of unrefined coconut oil indicates that it is a 100% natural product that can and should be used in food.

  • Consuming coconut oil for health purposes (2 tablespoons on an empty stomach) will help normalize the digestive tract.
  • Supporters of a healthy lifestyle recommend it when frying, for dressing salads, etc. use only unrefined coconut oil as the most beneficial for humans

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