Payment methods

100% advance payment after ordering is applied in our online store.  

The advance payment for the order is beneficial for a customer, because we send a parcel by a selected mean from Thailand directly to recipient’s address without any additional expenses for C.O.D., VAT, etc.  

C.O.D. isn’t available for international dispatch, that’s exactly why we offer you to pay for the order at once. The payment may be carried out through the following means. We do not send any orders without the payment!

Online payment via Robokassa (no commission):

  1. Credit/Debit card (Visa, Master Card, Maestro)

  2. Apple Pay, Samsung Pay

Direct transfer:

  1. Paypal by link - 

  2. Bank transfer to Krung Thai Bank

You’ll get an email-notification on the payment receipt within 1 working day after paying for the order. Then, the order will be sent to the Thai office for processing, and your order will be formed and sent to the address, specified by you, within 3-10 working days (providing that all goods are available).

  1. Add the items of interest to a shopping cart.

  2. Press “Checkout”.

  3. Fill all fields in carefully (full name, contacts, shipping address).

  4. The system will count shipping cost automatically on the basis of parcel’s weight.

  5. Choose the mean of payment: Direct bank transfer / Online payment.

In case of online payment press “Pay”, you’ll pass to Robokassa service page. Follow the instruction. There is no commission charged by Robokassa.

In case of direct bank transfer, press “Confirm Payment” and pay by a Paypal transfer by link - You also can find payment details in the Payment section and in the letter with order information.


You will not need to pay anything upon receiving a parcel in a post office!

If your freight is “obviously commercial” (for example, 30 pcs. of the balms of the same type, 50 pcs. of the pastes of the same type, etc.), the customs may put a relative mark on your parcel, and you’ll have to pay a customs fee upon receiving a parcel in a post office. But it happens in very rare cases.

Some countries have their own customs rules and restrictions. We send items allowed in Thailand to ship. Before placing an order, please check with the national customs office about the rules and permitted goods. In the event that your national customs upon delivery refuses to accept the parcel, our service is not responsible for the costs of returning and re-sending your parcel.



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