FAQ – Questions & Answers

Almost every client of our service has standard questions regarding ordering, delivery time, payment, etc. For your convenience, below we have prepared frequently asked questions and answers to them.

1. How quickly will the order be formed and sent?

The order is sent for processing immediately after payment, and within 1-7 work days from the date of payment, the order is sent from Thailand (subject to the availability of all goods in the order).

2. How long does it take to pay for the order?

For fast processing, it is recommended to pay for the order immediately after registration by the Online method or Direct transfer. If the order was placed, but not paid, and our specialist could not get through to you, then after 3 days the order will be automatically canceled. You can read more about the terms and methods of payment in the Payment section.

3. How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is calculated by our website automatically when items are added to the cart. To do this, you need to add products and go to the checkout. Then you need to choose your country and at the right bottom you will see the weight of your order and the cost of delivery of such a parcel to your country. All shipments are carried out at the rates of Thai Post and you need to pay for them, it is impossible to send a parcel for free.

4. Can I pay for my order upon receipt?

The order is paid before it leaves Thailand, i.e. immediately after registration. There is no COD for international shipments by Thai Post. This method is beneficial for the buyer, since we send the parcel by the selected method from Thailand immediately to the recipient's address without additional costs for cash on delivery, VAT, etc. If you have any doubts, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with our reviews and also keep in mind that when paying for the order, you will definitely receive a cashier's receipt to the specified e-mail from our company, which is an unconditional guarantee.

5. How long does it take to ship from Thailand?

Delivery from Thailand to your country takes on average 2-4 weeks (for airmail) and 1-2 months (for ground delivery) from the moment the parcel was sent. More details about delivery can be found in the Shipping section.

6. How can I get a discount?

Despite the low prices for most of the products presented in our online store and in social networks, various promotions, sweepstakes and special offers are often held. There is also a basic loyalty system. 7% discount for a coupon that is issued to regular customers (who have made 2 or more orders), 15% and 20% discounts for customers who made an order in bulk. More details in the section - Wholesalers.

7. How to track the location of a parcel by track number?

After sending the parcel, we will send you a photo of the parcel and a track number to track the location of the parcel. You can track the parcel using special track services (for example, Thai Post  or website of your national post).

8. What should I do if the parcel is delayed at customs?

If the customs office has recognized your parcel as a commercial cargo, you will need to go through customs clearance or prove that all items are for private use. DoctorThailand.net service does not bear the cost of customs clearance, this procedure is carried out by the buyer independently and at his own expense.