Aromatic roller by Sabai Arom

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Aromatic roller by Sabai Arom

Urban Happiness Sabai Arom

A new series of special fragrances for a resident of the metropolis from the Thai manufacturer Sabai Arom.

Aromatic oil rollers with stunning aromas will help you concentrate or relax, improve your mood or add decisiveness – aromatherapy or a scent from Sabai Arom will help solve all these problems.

The scent roller looks like a small pencil with a ball at the end. Sabai Arom aromatic oil rollers contain extracts of natural herbs, a special bouquet of aromas selected for each occasion.

The fundamental difference between Urban Happiness aromatic rollers and Sabai-arom is that the composition contains 99% only natural essential oils and plant extracts.

The volume of aromatic liquid in a roller from Sabai Arom is 10 ml.

Stylish design, noble deep natural aromas – at your choice:

  • Number 01 – “Deep Sleep” – will help you fall asleep easily and truly relax during sleep. A pair of champaka and Thai jasmine essential oils will accompany you while you sleep, relieve anxiety and tension.
  • Issue 02 – “Relieve stress” – a specially selected anti-stress bouquet of lemongrass, rosemary and mint aromas will relieve psychological stress and give peace of mind.
  • Number 03 – “Smile” – an aromatic roller based on essential oils of mint, rosemary, lavender and thyme will help you understand the secret of a Thai smile and cheer you up
  • Number 04 – “Peace” – a bouquet of lemongrass, kafir life, champaka and eucalyptus aromas gives peace and tranquility, relieves aggression and eliminates negative emotions
  • Number 05 – “Focus” – a bouquet of aromas for creativity. An aromatic roller with notes of orange, mint, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves plus a hint of nutmeg will help you catch inspiration and encourage meditation.
  • Number 06 – “Energy” – just one breath of aromas – and you are full of energy! Essential oils of lime, ginger and sweet orange wonderfully tone and invigorate.
  • Number 07 – “Confidence” – a specially selected bouquet of aromas from camphor, eucalyptus, cedar will help you cast aside all doubts and widely “spread your wings”

How to use Sabai arom aroma roller: apply a sufficient amount of aroma oil on temples, wrists, neck area 2-3 times a day.

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Number 01, Issue 02, Number 03, Number 04, Number 05, Number 06, Number 07

2 reviews for Aromatic roller by Sabai Arom

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I carry it with me every day, I use it all the time, it smells very nice, without any chemicals in sensations.
    I will try other pencils, but I will also buy this one.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Katya Chernova

    smells natural, nothing leaks, comfortable.
    Small purchase, but delivered without problems and in safety.

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