100% cold pressed moringa oil

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Moringa oleifera oil 30 ml

Organis 100% Moringa Oil

Absolutely natural product – 100% cold pressed moringa oleifera seed oil for skin care, protection and treatment against skin inflammation and fungal infections.

Moringa oil has bactericidal and disinfecting properties, is rich in organic acids, contains a complex of vitamins, trace elements and amino acids.

Moringa oil is universal – it is used both for skin and hair care, as well as for removing inflammation and irritation on the skin, for treating fungal diseases.

For diseases of the skin and joints: the  use of moringa oil significantly accelerates the healing of burns and wounds, and is also used in massage to relieve pain and relieve swelling in rheumatoid arthritis. The oil removes fungal diseases of the skin and nails, and heals herpes.

For face and body skin care : moringa oil has softening and moisturizing properties, it perfectly protects the skin from adverse external factors, stimulates metabolic processes in tissues and rejuvenates the skin. Nourishes and moisturizes dry skin, improves skin elasticity and helps slow down aging, improves complexion. Moringa oil is instantly absorbed into the skin and softens it. Suitable for all skin types.

For hair care and treatment : Moringa oil can also be used as a hair serum – it will be an intensive regenerating hair and hair follicles remedy that also prevents split ends, softens the scalp, restores strength and shine to hair, and helps fight dandruff.

How to use moringa oil:

  • Apply a few drops of moringa oil to a specific area of ​​the skin or hair roots
  • A few drops of moringa oil can be mixed with your favorite cream or lotion to enrich and enhance the effect
  • It is not recommended to use moringa oil during pregnancy

Oil volume 30 ml, glass bottle with pipette-dispenser.

Made in Thailand. Ingredients: 100% cold pressed moringa seed oil.

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