Anti-aging botox serum with collagen

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Face Serum Botox 35 ml

Botox Lifting SYN -AKE Serum Anti Aging

Botox Anti-Aging Botox Serum is a wonderful combination of highly effective herbs and new technologies to help you turn back the clock.

Botox serum contains a special peptide – a muscle relaxant called Syn-Ake, which reduces muscle activity and produces an effect similar to that of Botox.

The serum has a pronounced lifting effect, fills in fine wrinkles, with regular use, improves skin texture, wrinkles are smoothed out, skin tone is evened out.

Botox serum is applied to the skin twice a day, spreads easily over the skin and is fully absorbed, providing a matte finish all day.

Botox serum volume – 35 ml, glass bottle with a convenient pipette dispenser. Made in Thailand. Manufacturer: Nature Republic

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