Extra Gold Collagen Serum Darawadee

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Extra Gold Collagen Serum Darawadee

A concentrated intensive face serum with a pronounced anti-aging effect from the Thai manufacturer Darawadee.

Darawadee Serum contains a high concentration of collagen and proactive gold powder, which provide a pronounced anti-aging and moisturizing effect for the skin.

Vitamin cocktail in the composition of the golden collagen serum for the face additionally nourishes the skin, improves microcirculation and stimulates the renewal of skin cells.

Darawadee Intensive Rejuvenating Face Serum also contains natural extracts of aloe vera and moringa oleifera, which additionally refresh the skin, moisturize and increase elasticity and firmness.

The volume of the face serum with collagen and gold 50 ml, produced in Thailand.

As a gift to the anti-aging face serum, there is a soap with aloe vera and collagen, 30 grams.

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