Thai round toothpaste “Mint and clove”

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Round Thai organic toothpaste containing Thai mint, clove oil, borneol, salt and camphor is very effective in whitening teeth, freshens breath and removes plaque.

The peculiarity of this mint Thai toothpaste is a wonderful refreshing effect, due to the Thai mint extract included in the paste.

Toothpaste “Mint and Clove” relieves inflammation of the gums, strengthens the gums, reduces the sensitivity of tooth enamel and perfectly refreshes the oral cavity.

Mint round Thai paste very well cleanses teeth, whitens tooth enamel and freshens breath.

Volume 25 grams, made in Thailand, manufacturer Thai company 5 star Cosmetic

Method of application of the Mint and Clove round toothpaste:

  • Unscrew the hermetically sealed jar, completely free it from the protective film, then with a dry toothbrush, make several stroking circular movements on the surface of the paste so that a small plaque forms on the villi of the toothbrush. This small amount is enough to perfectly clean and protect your teeth.
  • A huge plus of Thai mint toothpaste is its economy! One jar of toothpaste is enough for 2-3 months of regular use.
  • Do not let water get into the paste jar! Remember to close the jar after each use.

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