Soap Madame Heng (160 gr)

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Soap Madame Heng 160gr

A well-known and time-tested natural herbal soap from the Thai manufacturer Madam Heng.

The Thai brand “MADAME HENG” has existed since 1949 and for more than 50 years of work has established itself as a manufacturer of effective therapeutic skin care products. Madam Heng soap consists only of natural ingredients and includes extracts of the best medicinal plants in Thailand. The recipes used by MADAME HENG have been proven by more than one generation.

Madame Heng soap does not dry out the skin, but rather nourishes and moisturizes it. Madam Heng Thai soap has a wonderful natural composition: ginger, turmeric, Korean pine nuts, menthol and sodium palmitate.

Also, a big plus of the famous Thai soap Madame Heng is its size – net weight 160 grams.

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