Mistine Perfume Cream (10 gr)

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Mistine Perfume Cream 10 gr

Perfumed cream or dry perfume in a miniature compact jar with feminine floral aromas from the Thai cosmetics manufacturer Mistine.

Dry perfume is very convenient! The perfumed cream cannot spill or leak, is economical to use, the texture does not irritate even the most delicate and sensitive skin, and the natural shea and macadamia oils that are part of the composition will provide additional care, nutrition and hydration to the skin.

Four floral fragrances of Mistine dry perfume:

  • Cattleya Orchid (Cattleya) – the subtle scent of this orchid is often compared to the scent of expensive French perfume
  • Sweetine – a floral, feminine fragrance for young ladies
  • Sweet Beautiful – sweet scent of flowers, feminine, spicy
  • White Musk – intoxicating spicy floral-musky scent

The volume of the perfumed Mistine cream is 10 grams. Made in Thailand

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