Poompuksa Premium Quality Natural Herbal Toothpaste Concentrate Formula

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Poompuksa Premium Quality Natural Herbal Toothpaste Concentrate Formula 50gr

Whitening Thai toothpaste with a special concentrated formula, in which only natural ingredients from the Thai manufacturer Poompuksa (Prim Perfect) are present in the amount of 99.9%.

Poompuksa whitening toothpaste contains extracts of clove, little patchouli, camphor, menthol, peppermint, aloe vera juice, extracts of guava leaves and green tea plus xylitol.

Poompuksa Concentrated Thai Toothpaste will solve the following problems:

  • Eliminate bad breath for 24 hours! due to its antibacterial action
  • Whitens enamel by removing stains and plaque. Especially recommended for all lovers of coffee, strong tea, as well as smokers
  • Strengthens the gums, promotes healing of wounds, ulcers and damage to the oral mucosa
  • Reduces the sensitivity of tooth enamel plus the formula of Poompuksa concentrated toothpaste, despite its economy, very gently cleanses tooth enamel and is suitable for daily use.

The volume of the tube is 50 grams, made in Thailand.
How to use Poompuksa Thai whitening concentrated toothpaste:

  • use like regular toothpaste, but apply three times less on the toothbrush – that is, a pea 1/3 of the length of the toothbrush is enough

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