Mineral deodorant “Crystal of freshness”

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Long-lasting colorless crystalline antiperspirant on a natural basis.

Your choice of net weight is 40 grams, 70 grams or 120 grams.

Made in Thailand. Manufacturer website  www.novolife2003.com

There are five types of Mineral Deodorant for your choice:

  1. Crystal deodorant with mangosteen – has antioxidant and bactericidal effects, prevents the clogging of skin pores, smoothes the skin.
  2. Classic mineral deodorant (fresh scent).
  3. Crystal deodorant with turmeric – has a slight whitening effect due to the turmeric extract included in the composition
  4. Crystal deodorant with aloe vera – contains aloe vera extract
  5. Deodorant – crystal with coconut

“Crystal of freshness”, as this type of deodorant is often called, is a natural salt mineral (alum or alunite).

Mineral deodorant is hypoallergenic and recommended for people with sensitive skin. You can buy Crystal Fresh deodorant for use even by pregnant women and women during breastfeeding.

Does not contain such harmful chemicals as denatured alcohol, aluminum hydrochloride, parabens. Its action is aimed at inhibiting the growth and reproduction of bacteria that cause unpleasant odors.

Crystal can be used as a disinfectant for cuts or mosquito bites.

Can be used by both men and women.

There are no white streaks on black clothes like after regular antiperspirants.

Mode of application:

  • After a shower, wipe the problem areas with a deodorant soaked in water (just like with a roll-on deodorant), and then air dry.
  • A thin layer of calcium aluminum alum protects all day until you wash it off.
  • An excellent deodorant – antiperspirant for people actively involved in sports.

Precautions : the crystal is very fragile; protect from drops and impacts on hard objects.

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120 gr, 40 gr, 70 gr


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