Marum Mo Sink balm green balm (50 gr)

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Balm Marum by Dr. Mo Sink

Marum Mo Sink balm green balm 50 gr

Healing yellow-green balm Marum (which in Thai means moringa oleifera) from the Thai doctor Mo Sink.

Dr. Mo Sink developed an original formulation for his brand’s balms, using fresh medicinal herbs in the composition, preserving the healing properties of Thai plants to the maximum.

Balsam Marum based on moringa oleifera, in addition to the usual properties inherent in every Thai balsam – relieving pain in muscles and joints, increasing blood circulation – has anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties, accelerates the resorption of hematomas and promotes rapid healing after bruises and fractures.

Also Thai balsam with moringa from Dr. Mo Sink is good for varicose veins, relieves swelling from the legs, and is a remedy for rheumatoid arthritis.

Net weight of balm Marum from Dr. Mo Sink 50 grams.

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