Kokliang Thai Toothpaste

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Kokliang Toothpaste  is an herbal toothpaste based on extracts of lotus, ginseng, Chinese pearls, jasmine tea and natural oils, made according to traditional recipes.

Kokliang Toothpaste gently cleanses teeth, effectively removes coffee and tea plaque, stops tooth decay and helps prevent gum disease.

Benefits of Kokliang Toothpaste:

  • Due to the composition of natural essential oils and herbal extracts, the paste relieves inflammation of the oral cavity, treats stomatitis and gum disease – periodontal disease and periodontitis
  • Kokliang toothpaste freshens the oral cavity very well and eliminates bad breath
  • Kokliang toothpaste is especially recommended for cleaning sensitive teeth, the paste is very gentle on the teeth without damaging the enamel

Active ingredients: extracts of lotus, ginseng, jasmine tea, pearl powder, borneol.

Volume 160 grams, made in Thailand, manufactured by  Kokliang Pharmacy

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