Hyaluronic Acid Gold Princess (10 ml)

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Hyaluronic Acid Gold Princess 10 ml

Concentrated essence for super intensive anti-aging facial skin care based on hyaluronic acid with nano-sized molecules for better penetration of hyaluronic acid into skin cells.

The essence also contains collagen, peptides, vitamin C and concentrated extracts of witch hazel, wheat, licorice, melon pear and mint.

The essence with hyaluronic acid with a rich composition and a high concentration of components active in the process of skin rejuvenation is suitable for SOS – facial skin care with signs of dehydration, wilting, and excessive dry skin.

The essence of hyaluronic acid is perfectly absorbed by cells, rejuvenates and transforms the skin of the face, fills with moisture, restores youth and elasticity of the skin.

The volume of the essence of hyaluronic acid for the face is 10 ml, for the drip consumption the hyaluron is presented in a practical package in the form of a syringe.

How to use hyaluronic acid for intensive facial skin care:

  • apply a few drops of the essence on clean, dry face skin, and wait until completely absorbed

Made in Thailand.

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