Hair Vitamin Capsules

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VQ Hair Vitamin Treament

A large professional package of capsules for hair growth and for intensive care of damaged hair, to effectively eliminate the problem of split ends of the hair, to facilitate styling and eliminate excessive “frizz” hair.

Vitamins in capsules are recommended for hair growth and restoration after dyeing, perming, with constant use of a heat-iron,  hair capsules instantly restore the beauty and vibrant shine of the hair.

Also, hair vitamins in capsules are very effective for the problem of split ends and hair loss.

The Hair Vitamin formula contains a wonderful cocktail of argan oil, vitamin E, oleic and stearic acids to moisturize and smooth hair.

Hair after application of one vitamin capsule is well combed, easy to fit, does not “flicker” and shines very strongly.

How to use Thai vitamin capsules for hair:

  • Cut off the tail of the capsule and use your fingertips to apply the contents of the capsule to clean, slightly damp hair, spreading from the middle to the ends of the hair
  • One Thai vitamin capsule is enough for one application, for all scalp hair
  • Do not wash off

The package contains 500 capsules.

You can choose the color of the capsules:

  • red with apple extract
  • green with algae extract
  • pearl with pearl powder
  • purple with blue tea extract
  • yellow, enriched with jojoba oil

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg

red, green, pearl, purple, yellow


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