Downy Perfumed Fabric Softener

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Downy Passion Parfum Collection Refill Concentrate Fabric Conditioner 310ml

Downy Perfumed Conditioner is a concentrated liquid fragrance used in laundry. It is produced in Thailand from natural flavors using the technologies of French perfumers. It is a real find for allergy sufferers and opponents of heavy amber, can replace expensive perfumes.

  • preservation of a natural aroma on clothes for a long time;
  • protection of linen from deformation and fading;
  • giving softness, airiness and obedience when ironing;
  • removing static from clothes;
  • economy of consumption;

The two most popular Downy conditioner fragrances are:

  • Passion  combines aromas of fruits, berries, flowers, oriental sweets and spices. The presence of musk in the aromatic composition allows you to balance the smells and fix the main property of this perfume – to make women seductive. This property becomes more pronounced when linen containing the aroma of the softener comes into contact with a warm body. It is not for nothing that women in the East use musk as an aphrodisiac that enhances attraction and passion;
  • Mystique  gives the linen and clothes the scent of mystery for a thousand and one nights spent in Scheherazade’s alcove. When you first inhale the scent of perfume from your laundry, it creates rich aromas of raspberries, strawberries and apples. Then there are subtle, subtle notes of jasmine and freesia. The scent of sandalwood, vanilla and musk crowns this composition.

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