Darley’s toothpaste with salt (35 gr)

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Darlie salt fresh

Darley’s breath-refreshing toothpaste with mineral salt, mint and vitamin E.

Founded in 1933, Darley’s Toothpaste Toothpaste Hawley & Hazel is a trusted and highly acclaimed oral care brand for the Asian region.

The minty, breath-freshening formula of Darley’s toothpaste with salt will help protect tooth enamel from the harmful effects of acids, strengthen and mineralize tooth enamel.

Also, toothpaste with Darley’s salt helps to improve blood circulation in the gums and a tighter fit of the gums to the teeth, prevents the occurrence of gum disease.

Due to the mint, Darley’s toothpaste will perfectly freshen your breath for a long time.

Tube net weight 35 grams.

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