Anti-nicotine toothpaste Zact (160 gr)

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Zact Lion Smokers Toothpaste

Zact anti-nicotine toothpaste with a special formula for whitening teeth, eliminating nicotine plaque and unpleasant odor, created especially for smokers.

Toothpaste Zact will eliminate the yellow nicotine plaque on the teeth, which is typical for smokers, and will also remove the smell of tobacco from the mouth, make the breath fresh and the teeth as white as possible.

Anti-nicotine toothpaste contains cleaning and polishing components – secondary acid calcium phosphate and aluminum oxide, which remove nicotine plaque from the surface of the teeth, cleanse the tooth enamel from dark plaque in coffee and strong tea lovers, at the same time do not damage the enamel, and make the tone teeth are several shades whiter.
Zact toothpaste has a pleasant mint taste and keeps the breath fresh for a long time.

The volume of a tube of Zact anti-nicotine toothpaste is 160 grams, produced in Thailand by the Japanese brand Zact Lion.

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