Darley’s Toothpaste Fresh Breath Double Strength

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Darlie toothpaste Darlie Double Action Mint Power

Refreshing high-quality Darlie toothpaste popular in Asia for a snow-white smile and fresh breath from the Hawley & Hazel trademark.

Founded in 1933, Darley’s pasta  maker Hawley & Hazel is a trusted and highly acclaimed oral care brand for the Asian region.

Toothpaste Darley “Fresh breath, double strength  – this is the perfect combination of pasta with double mint and fluoride, which instantly freshen your breath. Strengthens tooth enamel, prevents caries, removes plaque. It will give you a feeling of pleasant coolness and mint freshness for a long time.

The most popular and recognizable pasta among Darlie products is its popular designation – “man in a top hat”.

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