BB Mistine Oil Control SPF25

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BB cream is better than just foundation!

BB Mistine Oil Control SPF 25

Cream from the famous Korean series  “Unique BB creams – for perfect skin!”

BB cream is unique in that it is not just an ordinary foundation, it is an anti-aging, nourishing and caring cream for the face skin, while having the masking properties of a foundation. That is, BB Mistine cream is both care and decorative cosmetics.

BB cream   is one of the most popular and sought-after cosmetic products in Thailand, which is applied as a makeup base and perfectly masks all skin imperfections.

BB cream   nourishes and moisturizes the skin , makes it velvety and smooth, gives the skin a healthy and radiant appearance.

BB cream will perfectly  hide  ALL  imperfections   on the skin – age spots, redness, dark circles under the eyes, irregularities on the skin, freckles, pimples, enlarged pores, and at the same time does not dry the skin at all, does not clog the pores, allowing the skin to “breathe”

BB cream creates a dense coverage and  perfectly evens skin tone , making it smooth and matte.

Like all BB creams, BB Mistine Wonder Cream  is anti-aging . BB cream also protects the skin from harmful environmental influences during the day, and has an  SPF 25 sun protection factor .


  • It is recommended to use BB Cream every morning as a makeup base
  • Apply BB cream with your fingertip, a small drop of BB cream will be enough for the whole face – the cream has a dense texture and is easily distributed over the surface of the face and neck.
  • A stunning result – smooth, matte velvety skin that is a pleasure to touch.

Volume 15 grams, produced in South Korea for sale in Thailand.

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