Abhaibhubejhr Guava Leave Mouth Spray (12 ml)

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Abhaibhubejhr Guava Leave Mouth Spray 12 ml

Refreshing breath mouth spray with guava leaves and peppermint from the Thai manufacturer Abhay.

Natural spray for the oral cavity will not only freshen breath for a long time, but also due to its antibacterial effect will prevent gum disease, eliminate the growth of bacteria in the oral cavity and is a good prevention of throat diseases.

The spray is recommended for continuous use, especially for those who wear braces or have dental implants – to reduce the risk of inflammation.

And of course, the spray with guava and peppermint extract will perfectly help smokers to always have fresh breath – you can use the spray after every smoked cigarette, it is convenient to carry it in your pocket.

Abhay Guava Oral Spray Volume 12ml, Made in Thailand.

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