Ya Hom Powder Five Pagodas

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Ya Hom Powder Five Pagodas

Ya Hom powder for nausea and poisoning is  widely used in Thai traditional medicine. The natural preparation has a double effect – it improves the general condition of the body and helps to get rid of the effects of poisoning. The powder neutralizes substances that cause intoxication of the body and removes toxins, as well as relieves nausea, vomiting, heartburn and stomach pain.

Taking the drug has a general strengthening effect on the body, providing vigor and a surge of strength, increases efficiency and endurance.

Ya Khom is an effective anti-hangover remedy – taking the drug in the evening after a feast, in the morning you can not be afraid of a hangover syndrome.

The effect of Ya Hom is noticeable 30 minutes after ingestion of the powder. After taking it, there is a chill in the throat, esophagus and stomach.

I Hom consists entirely of natural herbal ingredients. The preparation contains:

  • Agastakhis or Polyglass wrinkled;
  • Camellia Chinese, Green tea;
  • Cinnamon bark extract;
  • Siebold’s Hoof;
  • Licorice;
  • Allspice;
  • Sassurea, costus;
  • Scarlet Tree;
  • Angelica Evasive.

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