Whitening toothpaste with Guava or Borneol

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Whitening toothpaste with Guava or Borneol

Herbal toothpaste supaporn

Whitening herbal toothpaste from Thailand from the Thai manufacturer SUPAPORN with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, freshens breath well and removes plaque.

Plastic round jar in a box, net weight 25 grams.

For the best whitening effect, it is recommended to regularly use the paste 2 times a day, morning and evening. The paste foams well and is very economical to use.

Made in Thailand, manufacturer website  www.supapornherb.com

Ingredients: soda, Sorbitol, Calcium carbonate, Sodium lauryl sulfate, salt, Borneol, Camphor, Clove oil, Menthol, Guava leaf powder, Propylene glycol.

There are two options available:

  • Supaporn herbal toothpaste with guava  (orange box). Brownish – creamy paste with a strong menthol aroma, contains guava leaves, which have a mild analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Supaporn herbal original toothpaste with borneol and camphor (green box). Whitening paste of white color with a specific herbal mint aroma, removes plaque well and freshens breath for a long time.

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Weight 0.045 kg

Guava, Borneol and camphor


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