Twin Lotus Herbal Fresh Cool

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Twin Lotus Herbal Fresh Cool

Thai toothpaste Freshness and Coolness with an amazing refreshing effect from the famous Thai toothpaste manufacturer Twin Lotus.

Toothpaste Twin Lotus Herbal Fresh Cool cleans teeth and gums well, prevents the formation of tartar, removes dark plaque from coffee, tea and tobacco, prevents tooth decay and gum disease.

Fresh & Cool Toothpaste contains 10 herbal ingredients to help keep your teeth and gums healthy. The toothpaste is suitable for the care of sensitive teeth and is an effective remedy for the prevention and treatment of gum disease (periodontal disease, bleeding gums).

Application: use twice a day or after every meal. Does not contain fluoride.

Ingredients: calcium carbonate, sorbitol, Brazilian watercress, water, sodium lauryl sulfate, silicon dioxide, glycerin, miswak (toothbrush tree), rough streblus, clinacanthus nutans, paniculata murraya, crystalline menthol, eucalyptus oil, sodium xanthan gum, benzoin.

Two options for the volume of the tube:

  • Net weight 150 grams.
  • Net weight 100 grams.

Made in Thailand.

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg

100 gr, 150 gr


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