Traditional Thai balm Zam-Buk

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Zam-Buk 8 gramm

Another universal balm in a number of Thai balms “for all occasions.”

Zam-Buk balm from Thailand has a very wide range of applications – if you are blown out, you are injured, you have a backache or a bruise or bruise – Zam-Buk balm will perfectly cope with all tasks.

Zam-Buk balm is especially convenient and effective as a remedy after insect bites: mosquitoes, mosquitoes, flies or ants – just apply a thin layer of balm to the bite site. When applied, the ointment neutralizes insect poison, relieves pain, relieves swelling and inflammation and eliminates itching.

The weight of the Zam-Buk balm is 8 grams. Made in Thailand.

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