Tiger White Balm Haw Par

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Healing white tiger  balm Tiger Balm  based on various oils of wild herbs from the best manufacturer of original tiger balms from Haw Par.

Provides quick and effective relief from headaches, nasal congestion, insect bites, itching, rheumatism, joint pain, muscle and other pains, sprains and bloating. Causes intense blood flow to the area of ​​application. White Tiger Balm can be used for headaches by rubbing into temples.

White balm is softer and has a warming and cooling effect.

Branded box with original glass jar, there is an annotation from the manufacturer in English. Produced for HAW PAR TIGER BALM (Thailand) Ltd. Under license from Haw Par Corporation Ltd., Singapore

Available options:

  • White tiger balm Tiger Balm  10 grams – 90 baht
  • White tiger balm Tiger Balm  19 grams – 130 baht
  • White tiger balm Tiger Balm  30 grams – 180 baht


  • Camphor 25% – camphor, has an antiseptic, local irritant, local analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Natural camphor is obtained from the wood or resin of camphor laurel.
  • Clove oil 1.43% – clove oil. Oil from the buds of the tropical clove tree Syzygium aromaticum of the myrtle family. The action is anti-cold and analgesic.
  • Menthol 8% – menthol has a cooling effect
  • Eucaliptus Oil 13.7% – Eucalyptus oil – has a stimulating effect on the receptors of the mucous membranes, is an excellent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agent. Eucalyptus essential oil is good for inhalation – it quickly and effectively cleans the nasal passages. Eucalyptus is great for fighting mosquitoes that cannot bear the smell of eucalyptus.

All components of Tiger Balm are intended for external use or as an ingredient for inhalation.

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10 gr, 19 gr, 30 gr


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