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Now the most famous Thai toothpaste 5STAR4A and in a tube of 100gr or 50gr! The paste has a creamy classic consistency. Ideal for those who love herbal toothpastes, but prefer tubes to jars.

5STAR4A – The most famous toothpaste from Thailand. It is to her that Thai toothpastes owe their popularity. Classic original recipe, strongest effect in teeth whitening and gum strengthening.

Toothpaste 5 STAR 4A in a round jar perfectly whitens teeth by removing plaque. Eliminates plaque from coffee, tea and cigarettes. Effectively fights tartar.

The original 5STAR4A paste strengthens the tooth enamel, prevents the development of caries, reduces the sensitivity of tooth enamel to hot, cold, sweet, relieves toothache.

Thai toothpaste 5STAR 4A is indispensable for strengthening the gums and combating periodontal disease, and also helps very quickly eliminate ulcers and stomatitis symptoms in the oral cavity.

How to use:  Paste 5 STAR 4A foams very well. A pea of ​​toothpaste is enough for a rich lather. Clean as usual. Apply morning and evening. Can be used every day.

The advantage of a  toothpaste in a tube is that the paste does not come into contact with air and water, which means it retains its medicinal properties longer.

Main Ingredients : Borneol, Menthol, Camphor, Clove Oil, Glycerin.

Contains no preservatives, colors or flavors. Does not contain fluoride.

The 5STAR4A toothpaste in a tube has a pronounced herbal taste with a predominance of cloves.

Release form:  Plastic tube in a box of 50 gr and 100 gr.

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Manufacturer:   5STAR 4A Toothpaste maker Co., Bangkok, Thailand.

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    I have been using pastas from Thailand for a long time. I used whitening products in round jars. I discovered this company for myself and I am very happy about it. The pasta is good. Natural and herbal, very economical, convenient to take with you on a trip because it is in a tube, it is also suitable for families where there are a lot of people, because as a rule round jars are mainly for individual use. This paste has all the extremely positive qualities, tamiki is excellent for cleansing, after it the effect of purity for the whole day, which cannot be said about our usual pastes. Preserves the natural color of teeth, cleansing pigmented plaque and prevents the formation of calculi (mineralized dental deposits), suitable for daily use. A paste based on natural herbs, a very good effect on the gums, strengthens, it contains natural antiseptics, which prevents the reproduction of pathogenic microflora in the oral cavity. I am a dentist, my opinion of the paste is excellent. Recommend . Has the taste and smell of clove oil. All Thai pastes have almost the same smell and taste. Some are softer, some are strong enough.

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