Syn-Ake Serum Anti-Aging Lift Nature Republic

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Syn-Ake Serum Nature Republic

Anti-aging lifting – face serum with pronounced rejuvenating and smoothing effects, from the Thai manufacturer Nature Republic, includes 4 ampoules of 15 ml each.

The serum is unique in that it contains a muscle relaxant peptide called Syn-Ake, which reduces muscle activity and produces an effect similar to that of Botox.

This anti-aging serum eliminates fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin firmness and tone, and is recommended for mature skin care.

This serum, in addition to collagen and elastin, contains coconut oil to eliminate dry skin and flaking, and has high nourishing properties that restore dry skin.

How to use Syn-Ake serum:

  • apply 2-3 drops of serum on the skin of the face and neck 1-2 times a day

The rejuvenating face serum is available in glass ampoules with a convenient pipette – dispenser, 4 bottles of 15 ml each.

Made in Thailand.

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