Solid Perfume Giffarine (3 gr)

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Solid Perfume 3 gr Giffarine

Miniature very compact dry perfume with pheromones with persistent floral very sensual fragrances from the Thai cosmetics manufacturer Giffarine.

Dry perfume with pheromones is very convenient! The perfume cannot spill or leak, is economical to use, the texture does not irritate even the most delicate and sensitive skin, and the persistent scent of perfume has an important zest in the form of enzymes that attract the opposite sex.

Five fragrances, each of which really has a very feminine scent of an expensive high-quality perfume:

  • Aurora – delicate, subtle scent, the scent of youth and freshness
  • Grace – oriental, with notes of jasmine
  • Jevalin – sweet, languid aroma, feminine, spicy
  • Artemis – sexy, bright, pronounced aroma, floral notes and sweetness
  • Elves – expensive noble scent, slightly spicy and fresh

The volume of dry perfume with pheromones is 3 grams. Made in Thailand

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