Shokubutsu Shower Cream Gel 200 ml

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Shokubutsu  Monogatari  Shower  Cream

Japanese series of shower gels from Shokubutsu brand based on 99% active cleansing ingredients with natural plant extracts and fruit oils.

Shokubutsu Shower Creamy Gel has a creamy white texture, a pleasant natural scent and gently cleanses and nourishes the skin.

The soft texture and creamy foam of Shokubutsu Gel does not dry out and irritate even the most sissy.

Shokubutsu shower gel fragrance options – your choice:

  • with orange oil with an invigorating sweet citrus aroma
  • with Ginkgo  biloba extract for moisturizing and toning for tired and dull skin
  • from Chinese Astragalus extract with a floral scent, soft and tender as milk
  • with shea butter and oat milk , ideal for dry, dehydrated skin, with a pleasant light scent of an expensive perfume.

The volume of Shokubutsu Cream Shower Gel is 200 ml.

Manufactured in Thailand under license from the Japanese cosmetics company Lion corporation.

Additional information

Weight 0.27 kg

Orange oil, Ginkgo biloba, Chinese Astragalus, Shea butter and oat milk


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