Oriental Princess Perfumed Body Talc

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Perfumed talcum powder with shimmering particles, rich selection of aromas

Oriental  Princess  Perfumed  Talc

A fragrant perfumed talc for the body with a slight shimmering effect with a variety of floral and fruity aromas from the Thai cosmetics manufacturer Oriental Princess.

Perfumed talcum powder has pleasant, noble aromas of a good perfume, has a deodorizing effect and makes the skin silky and aromatic.

Fragrant talcum powder is used not only against sweating and unpleasant odors, but instead of eau de toilette or deodorant – perfumed talcum powder will create a special pleasant scent-trail.

Perfumed talcum powder is applied with your palms to clean, dry skin on the whole body or on those areas that sweat the most: the area of ​​the back between the shoulder blades, chest, décolleté, feet, armpits, palms. Throughout the day, talcum-treated body areas will remain dry, silky and pleasant to the touch.

Oriental Princess Perfumed Talc also acts as an antistatic agent – clothes will not stick to your body.

The net weight of Oriental Princess perfumed talc is 85 grams, produced in Thailand.

Rich selection of flavors:

  • Frangipani , enriched with natural angelica and bitter orange extracts, the aphrodisiac scent is very sensual and provocative
  • Verbena  – floral delicate fragrance with a refreshing citrus note
  • Apple – fresh, delicate and very light aroma
  • Morning Rose  – exquisite scent
  • Sweet Berry  – with a sweetish tasty aroma of summer berries
  • White Flowers  – spicy sweet deep aroma
  • Sweet Peony – floral delicate scent

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Frangipani, Verbena, Apple, Morning Rose, Sweet Berry, White Flowers, Sweet Peony


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