Noppamas Thai Traditional Perfume

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Noppamas Thai Traditional Perfume 

Thai aromatic water for ablution, for meditation, for a relaxing massage with a refreshing scent of sandalwood, myrrh and incense from the Thai manufacturer of incense, aroma candles and traditional Thai perfume brand Noppamas.

Thai traditional aromatic water is used very widely in Thailand – no Buddhist religious action is complete without washing hands, head, open areas of the body and Buddha figurines with special aromatic water, with the smell of myrrh, sandalwood and incense, which adjusts to calm, relaxation, meditation.

In Buddhism, it is believed that the traditional scent of Thai water can change life for the better, since the smell of sandalwood and incense helps to reconcile a person with himself and the world around him, eliminates negativity, attunes to love and contemplation.

Scented water can be used not only in religious ceremonies, but also to moisturize the body, relieve stress and anxiety, as well as in spa salons for washing feet, relaxing massage, or aroma baths.

The volume of Thai aromatic water is 140 ml, produced in Thailand.

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