Narrowing balls for women Madura (25 balls)

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Madura 25 tablets

Female vaginal balls with contracting and cleansing action, analogue of the Madura stick for women .

Herbal narrowing balls reduce muscles (the “virginity” effect), thereby stimulating a vivid orgasm, both in men and women, improve the sex life of partners, has a particularly obvious effect on cooling partners in sex, in married couples with long experience.

Method of using the constricting balls for women:

  • Gently insert one ball into the vagina, after which a constriction will occur, which will last for several days.
  • The ball itself dissolves completely


  • Do not use balls during pregnancy, virgins, as well as during the menstrual period and during acute diseases of the genitourinary organs.

The package contains 25 balls.

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