Mondulkiri Chocolate coffee Brown

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Mondulkiri coffee Brown

Ground Cambodian coffee medium roast – 500 grams.

The famous Mondulkiri coffee with a delicate aroma of chocolate is grown and produced in Cambodia, in the Mondulkiri province. The tropical climate of Cambodia is especially favorable for the growth of coffee trees, the beans of which have an incomparable taste, slightly tart, with a chocolate aroma.

Cambodian coffee is very much appreciated by gourmets and true connoisseurs all over the world, which every self-respecting traveler should try.

Real Cambodian coffee impresses with its unique delicate chocolate flavor. The coffee is very rich and does not taste bitter at all. Having tasted this drink once, you will become its eternal fan.

The composition of the Mondulkiri chocolate coffee from Cambodia is arabica 65%, robusta 35%.

Packaging 500 grams.

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