Mistine MAYA Air Cushion

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Mistine MAYA Air Cushion

Cushion is a new trend in color cosmetics, a foundation that combines the properties of foundation, powder and BB cream.

Maya Air cushion from Thai cosmetics manufacturer Mistine has a more liquid consistency, unlike ordinary powder, and more evenly and naturally falls on the skin, masking all imperfections, plus at the same time, the cushion contains all the necessary for skin care. Components.

The airy texture of the Mistine Maya Air Super Cushion Makeup will leave the skin smooth, fresh and radiant for 12 hours!

Mistine Maya Air Cushion:

  • easy to apply in a thin layer on the skin
  • does not interfere with skin breathing during the day, as it has good air permeability
  • excellent, just excellently masks skin irregularities and imperfections
  • completely eliminates oily shine, makes the skin matte, velvety, smooth and radiant beauty
  • protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation and photoaging,
  • nourishes and moisturizes the skin throughout the day

Stylish and compact case, made in the form of a powder box, cushion net weight 15 grams, includes a mirror and a large-pore sponge.

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