Lemon foot mask (two pairs)

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Peeling socks for a pedicure for feet with lemon or a moisturizing softening mask for heels, toes and toenails is an innovative and effective way of a pedicure at home that will help restore your beautiful appearance to your feet by exfoliating old and dead skin.

Each sock contains an active peeling gel based on glycolic and lactic acids, enriched with extracts of lemon, Roman chamomile and witch hazel plus castor oil, thanks to which rough skin is naturally exfoliated, the epidermis softens and moisturizes.

The effect is visible already after the first application of the mask, the skin on the feet becomes surprisingly soft and smooth.

With regular use, lemon pedicure socks will help to permanently solve the problem of corns, cracks and calluses.

Using lemon foot mask is very simple and effective:

  • For best results, do a foot bath before the procedure
  • After putting on the socks, fasten them so that the mask fits snugly, you can wear ordinary socks on top
  • The mask must be kept for 60-90 minutes, the time depends on the condition of the skin of the feet
  • Then remove your socks and rinse your feet with water
  • After a few days, rough skin on your feet will begin to peel off strongly, and as a result, your legs will become smooth, like a baby
  • You can repeat the procedure if necessary after 2 weeks.

The package contains two pairs of pedicure socks (4 socks in total), that is, the package is designed for two full peeling mask procedures for both legs.

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