Invigorating herbal balls universal “I Hom Trahama”

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Invigorating herbal balls universal

Invigorating herbal balls – dragees Ya Hom Trahama universal purpose: Thai pastilles will help both with sore throat, coughs and colds, as well as motion sickness or motion sickness, with nausea or dizziness, with palpitations and anxiety, to freshen breath or to strengthen the gums.

Thai balls for absorption in the mouth of Ya Hom Traham have an absolutely natural composition, and represent a dried compressed milled collection of various herbs.

The action of the Thai invigorating balls I Hom Trahama:

  • When 1 lozenge is absorbed in the mouth, you will feel cheerfulness, a surge of strength, increased activity and efficiency
  • Thai balls Ya Hom Trahama will relieve dizziness, an attack of nausea, improve well-being during motion sickness in transport or seasickness
  • Resorption of the ball I Hom Trahama will also help with hangover syndrome, relieve the condition after alcohol poisoning, soothe stomach pain and eliminate nausea
  • The balls also dissolve in case of sore throat, cough, colds

How to use Thai invigorating pastilles I Hom Trahama:

  • Suck 1 ball in the mouth until completely dissolved
  • The balls I Hom Trahama have a pronounced herbal taste

Ingredients: lotus pollen, Mammea siamensis, Indian medlar (Bullet Wood), jasmine.

One jar contains 40 herbal peas. Made in Thailand.

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