Herbal patch cobra gold

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Herbal patch cobra gold

Detoxifying herbal plaster with cobra venom and herbal extracts to eliminate muscle and back pain, to detoxify the body.

The Cobra patch will increase blood circulation, help quickly relieve pain and inflammation.

After gluing the patch to the body, the natural healing ingredients are absorbed into the skin, causing increased blood circulation in the area of ​​application.

Anesthetic Cobra patch is used for back pain (radiculitis, myositis, intercostal neuralgia), for neck pain, for muscle pain, for sports injuries to relieve pain.

The package contains 5 plasters, size 12 × 15.5 each

Method of using detoxification and anesthetic patch:

  • The plaster is glued to clean, dry skin without wounds and damage for 6-10 hours

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