Hemmoroid Relief (10 gr)

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Hemmoroid Relief 10 gr

Thai herbal remedy for the treatment of hemorrhoids based on more than 10 medicinal herbs, from a Thai manufacturer from a Thai manufacturer of the Abhai brand.

Thai spray – herbal anti-hemorrhoid powder will help relieve exacerbation of inflammation of hemorrhoids, helps to reduce them, as well as out of acute form, is a good prophylactic measure to prevent the formation of new nodes.

Hemmoroid Relief Thai Herbal Hemorrhoid Treatment is a fine herbal powder, similar to baby powder, in a long-tipped spray package.

It is necessary to insert the tip of the spray-powder spray into the anus and press the bottle so that the medicine gets into the rectum.
The procedure is performed before bedtime, once a day.

Therapeutic actions of Thai herbal spray – powder in the treatment of hemorrhoids Hemmoroid Relief:

  • Complete elimination of pain, burning, discomfort, a significant reduction in puffiness after the first application
  • Reducing the size of hemorrhoids
  • Eliminate inflammation
  • Antibacterial effect

The volume of Thai spray – powder against hemorrhoids is 10 grams, the bottle is designed for an average of three applications.

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