Ginger delicate warming balm Kongka

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Ginger delicate warming balm from Thai manufacturer Konka Herb

Kongka balm

Yellow Thai Balsam with Ginger is a natural local irritating warming and pain reliever based on ginger root, one of the most delicate Thai balsams with a mild ginger scent.

Ginger balm has a mild warming effect and pronounced relaxing and pain-relieving effects.

The active ingredients of Thai ginger balsam are ginger, menthol, borneol, camphor, cajaput oil.

Balm net weight 50 grams, branded box, inside a glass jar with a lid.

Made in Thailand by Thai-based Kongka Herb.

Balm with ginger, like all other Thai balms, has a universal purpose and is used in many cases:

  • for muscle pains of any origin, especially after muscle strain – ginger balm has a relaxing, soothing and analgesic effect
  • during massage to enhance the therapeutic effect, especially with osteochondrosis
  • in case of problems associated with sprains of ligaments and tendons, as well as joint pain – ginger balm increases blood flow in the area of ​​application and helps to improve joint mobility.
  • balm with ginger is used to treat colds, to rub the chest when coughing
  • ginger balm is used for varicose veins, to relieve swelling in the legs, eliminate fatigue and pain in the legs

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