Fisherman’s Friends popular menthol sweets

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Strong menthol lollipops with an original natural recipe without sugar for breath freshening, against sore throat and motion sickness on the road from the legendary brand Fisherman’s Friends (friends of fishermen).

These “boat” mints were first released over 150 years ago to combat a variety of respiratory problems in extreme conditions of deep sea fishing off the coast of Iceland.

Fisherman’s Friends menthol lozenges not only freshen breath, but also help with a sore throat, eliminate nausea during motion sickness. Thanks to natural ingredients such as menthol, licorice, eucalyptus oil and pepper tincture, the lozenges have a rich mint flavor and a long-lasting refreshing effect.

The original Fisherman’s Friends candy contains only seven ingredients: licorice, menthol, eucalyptus oil, pepper tincture, food starch and edible gum. Sugar free.

Net weight 25 grams.

Manufactured in Thailand.

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Weight 0.04 kg

Apple Cinnamon, Blackcurrant, Cherry, Choco Mentho Mint, Choco Mentho Orange, Citrus, Honey Lemon, Lemon, Mandarin, Mint, Mint Sugar Free, Mixed Berries, Original, Original Sugar Free, Spearmint


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