Fa Talai Jone Capsules by Abhaibhubejhr

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Fa Talai Jone capsules in Thailand are considered a panacea for seasonal illnesses, colds and flu.

Composition: main component: Andrographis paniculata.

Clinical and pharmacological group: immunostimulant, antiviral drug, antipyretic drug, antibacterial agent.

Pharmacological action: antipyretic, antibacterial, immunostimulating agent.

Indications for use:
– flu;
– sinusitis;
– upper respiratory tract infections;
– cough and bronchitis;
– asthma;
– prevention of ARVI and influenza;
– prevention of infectious complications;
– normalization of the immune status in the postoperative period.

Contraindications: individual intolerance. Talk to your doctor if pregnant.

How to use: 2-4 capsules 4 times a day after meals and before bedtime.

Storage conditions: in a dry, dark place at a temperature not exceeding +30.

The package contains 70 capsules.

Produced in Thailand by Abhaibhubejhr.

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