Downy Ruby Peony Premium Perfume Beads

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Downy Ruby Peony Premium Perfume Beads

A premium Thai perfumed fabric softener in the form of fragrant granules, which are added to the washing machine at the beginning of the wash and provide the laundry with an amazing, very long-lasting fragrance.

Thai manufacturer of fabric softener Downy promises to keep the fragrance lasting for up to 12 weeks after washing, if stored in the closet.

The manufacturer of the Downy Concentrated Fabric Softener from the perfumed series is the Thai company Downy, which has been producing high quality detergents in Thailand since 1961.

  • Ruby peony – red bottle, bright sweet floral scent
  • Emerald breeze – green bottle, aroma of freshness and delicate flowers
  • Berry amethyst – purple bottle, blueberry-currant aroma of berry fresh

Volume 150 ml, method of using the perfumed fabric softener in granules:

  1. Pour about half a cap of the fragrant granules of fabric softener directly into the drum of the machine, together with the laundry, before washing.
  2. You can optionally control the intensity of the aroma by adding a little more or a little less granules when placing in the washing machine
  3. The laundry will smell sweet not only when dried, but also when stored in a closet and when wearing things.

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Ruby peony, Emerald breeze, Berry amethyst


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