Clear Spots Soap Madame Heng

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Clear  Spots  Soap  Madame  Heng

Anti-pigmentation soap based on arbutin and natural plant extracts from the legendary Thai brand Madam Heng.

The Thai brand MADAME HENG has existed since 1949 and has established itself as a manufacturer of excellent therapeutic skin care products based on natural ingredients.

Soap Madame Heng for whitening dark spots on the skin, freckles and acne marks contains the active substance arbutin and a complex of nanovitamins, thanks to which the synthesis of the melanin pigment is controlled.

Madame Heng soap cleanses the skin well, helps in the treatment of acne and other rashes, normalizes the production of dark pigment melanin, preventing the appearance of spots and freckles, lightens and invisible age spots, removes solar pigmentation, and effectively fights against dull complexion and enlarged pores.

Clear Spots soap perfectly lathers, has a light, pleasant aroma, does not dry out or tighten the skin.

Net weight 50 grams, produced in Thailand.

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