Belov snail face essence

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Belov snail face essence

Belov Snail Care Serum 45 ml

Highly concentrated snail essence for skin care is a unique product that intensively moisturizes, restores and slows down the aging process of the skin, from the certified Chinese cosmetics manufacturer Belov.

Snail serum – the essence has a powerful lifting effect, smoothes fine wrinkles, accelerates skin regeneration, preventing the appearance of age-related changes. Perfect for anti-aging care as well as problem skin.

The essence of the face serum contains snail extract (mucin), polyglutamic acid and a vitamin complex. Snail mucin is rich in collagen, elastin, protease enzyme, allantoin, and vitamins of groups A, C, E and B, effectively helps to keep skin youthful, protects it from damage and irritation, improves skin color and structure.

Snail essence intensely moisturizes and nourishes the skin, as well as stimulates the renewal of epidermal cells and intercellular substances.

The volume of essence with snail mucus is 45 ml.

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