Acne Clear Soap Original Madame Heng

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Acne Clear Soap Original Madame Heng

The original formula based on herbal extracts of MADAME HENG soap is an effective Thai remedy for problem skin care. The soap gently cleanses the skin, relieves irritation and inflammation, leaving the skin clean and healthy.

Madame Heng herbal healing soap for problem skin has excellent antibacterial properties, removes the main cause of acne.

The Thai brand MADAME HENG has existed since 1949 and has established itself as a manufacturer of excellent skin care products. Madame Heng Soap provides comprehensive skin care, consists of only natural ingredients and includes extracts of the best medicinal plants in Thailand.

Thai medicated herbal soap rejuvenates skin, treats acne and hyperpigmentation. Madame Heng soap does not dry out the skin, but rather nourishes and moisturizes, while allowing the skin to breathe. The MADAME HENG brand is known and respected in many European countries.

Weight 150 grams.

Acne Clear Soap herbal soap has gained wide popularity in Thailand, as people who used it saw the result and recommended it to friends and acquaintances.

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