Thai anti-cellulite and breast contouring soap

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Thai anti-cellulite and breast contouring soaps

Herbal Slimming Massage Soap K. Brothers

A popular effective soap from Thailand based on herbs and algae, which makes the skin soft, elastic and silky, reduces pigmentation and sagging skin.

Soap options from K.Brothers:

  • Anti-cellulite soap for slimming, tightening and firming the skin . This Thai soap is recommended for the treatment of problem areas on the waist, hips, buttocks. When using slimming soap, the skin is tightened, blood circulation and lymphatic drainage are stimulated, due to which the appearance of cellulite and skin flabbiness gradually decreases.
  • Soap that improves the shape of the breast . This K.Brothers Breast Massage Soap is formulated with natural plant extracts to help improve breast shape. Regular use of soap, which improves the shape of the breasts, helps to tighten the breasts, restore the elasticity of the breasts, and make the skin smooth and soft. Soap is especially recommended for breast recovery after pregnancy and lactation, as well as age-related loss of firmness and breast shape.

Soap weight 35 grams.

Ingredients: extracts of seaweed, lime flowers, lanolin oil and natural soapy gel base.

Mode of application:

  • Anti-cellulite slimming soap   – massage problem areas after soaping the skin.
  • Soap to improve breast shape  – apply to the skin, lather, massage gently, leave for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly.
  • The manufacturer claims to have a visible effect with regular use of the soap for one month.

Manufacturer: K.Brothers J&K Internatural Co Ltd, Thai-American production.

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